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S.S Lazio or what we know as Lazio is an Italian club based in Rome, lazio itself uses the Roma Olimpico stadium as their home and must be various stadiums along with As Roma. Lazio was founded on January 9, 1900 and has many nicknames including Lazio in the nickname the Biancocelesti which means white and sky blue. Lazio has many qualified players and is also able to make Lazio compete in Serie A.
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Lazio has a very strong rivalry with the city of As Roma and has a very high tension and prestige so the hard game comes out of the matches presented by lazio when dealing with As Broma and is always an interesting spectacle and also entertaining with the nickname Derby Della Capitalle and we know that these two clubs are the top clubs in Serie A and are able to compete in the top flight.

There are a lot of trophies that have been won by SS Lazio including 2 times winning the Yalla Shoot Serie A 7 times the Italian Cup champion, 4 times winning the Italian super cup, and 1 time the Serie B champion. In addition, they have won 1 UEFA Winners Cup and 1 European Super Cup times. Merkia is able to compete in Serie A and also in the European arena and is not underestimated as a complementary club but is a threat to Serie A top clubs.

Live Streaming Napoli Today The world players who have played with Lazio are many, including Miroslav Klose, Silvio Piola, Lucas Biglia, Alessandro Nessta, and many other players who are in Lazio's uniform and become club legend. The players were able to deliver Lazio to compete in the top flight and also deliver lazio to win several titles and also be able to provide resistance to the top teams of Serie A and disturb the champions of candidates.

Too bad for the 2018-2019 season they lost competition with other loyal clubs and were only able to sit in the 8th position of the final Serie A - losing to brand rivals AS Roma, but the players were sure that for the following season they would be able to compete with the club -The club's rivals and keep their hopes of playing in Europe and of course winning the Serie A, because they are left behind by their players and certainly will recruit new players.